Online Gambling Self Exclusion System and Physical Gambling Prevention Techniques...

One Email

to Bar them all!!!

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Yes here we can see how this works.. :)


Before that VOICE in your head says lets gamble all our money, lose it and never do that again... simply say... RIGHT THATS IT- BARRED... INSTA BAR... BARRED...


Heres an email i sent to euromillions.com - i have played euromillions, don't have an addiction to it, but just an example :)




An interesting read- once i declared that i was medically unfit and seen my 'doctor' they nearly ran a mile... should they be liable for people gambling who are mentally unfit or severly ill??????


I'll let you decide....

Example Email

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So barring yourself from one site means you get barred from many, as they share traffic on the gaming network which supports every site... have fun barring yourself :)... i'm now barred from www.euromillions.com

and 20+ more that are under it :) :) :)



Self Exclusion barred gambling block gambling stop gambling online :)

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