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Welcome to my blog


Hi folks this Blog is about current developments with the website and the App which is available on Google Apps Market and also Apple Store :)


It is a preventative measure for those that want to give up gambling online due to addiction and gambling problems. We advocate getting barred and blocked from gambling websites to physically create a system to be barred for good.


I hope this helps generations to come, families, children, marriages rescued, homes not reposessed, reduced alcoholism/drugs, a chance to live a full life harm-free from gambling.

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By guest, Oct 16 2015 03:00PM

I believe there is a common link within suicide and gambling. There are more deaths in ireland to suicide than there are to road accidents. This is ironic to think that gambling is promoted to such a high level and made to look glamourous on t.v. Think of all the adverts on tv stating about road safety and none about gambling addiction... which is a chemical addiction in the brain - the brain releases these endorphines with every spin or bet until the brain becomes dependent on this. No effort has been made for gambling awareness, its all very small print and hidden. Something has to be done about it. People do commit suicide because of it and my time with Gamblers Anonymous on facebook has really opened my eyes to situations people are in... all of them join up traumatised and in no way happy, some mentioning feeling suicidal... Gambling destroys lives... to be complacent about watching this go on every day is a test to our humanity, that this is not acceptable behaviour, not for me... preying on the individuals who have the least money in some cases so that children go without because of it, children grow up hungry, disadvantaged, going without. There is no justification, nobody steps in to intervene until it is too late.


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