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Welcome to my blog


Hi folks this Blog is about current developments with the website and the App which is available on Google Apps Market and also Apple Store :)


It is a preventative measure for those that want to give up gambling online due to addiction and gambling problems. We advocate getting barred and blocked from gambling websites to physically create a system to be barred for good.


I hope this helps generations to come, families, children, marriages rescued, homes not reposessed, reduced alcoholism/drugs, a chance to live a full life harm-free from gambling.

By swimalot, Nov 7 2017 11:56PM


coming soon to help the public request compensation from gambling companies for failure to self exclude, advertising without disclaiming that slot machines were extremely addictive and can lead to health and mental problems, marketed to kids and teenagers, phone casinos using mobile top-up to gamble for underage users...

we are going to launch a lawsuit and reveal the failings of the gambling commission for allowing sites to operate within both UK and Ireland, that they are liable for failing to protect and not offering a medical self exclusion service - ignoring complaints and having a hands off approach to any issue - sending complaints to ECOGRA which is based with the CORRUPT Malta Gaming Authority and allowing fake and corrupt sites to freely operate on the internet and accept UK and Irish players in which to steal depsoits and not pay out.

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Self Exclusion barred gambling block gambling stop gambling online :)

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