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Welcome to my blog


Hi folks this Blog is about current developments with the website and the App which is available on Google Apps Market and also Apple Store :)


It is a preventative measure for those that want to give up gambling online due to addiction and gambling problems. We advocate getting barred and blocked from gambling websites to physically create a system to be barred for good.


I hope this helps generations to come, families, children, marriages rescued, homes not reposessed, reduced alcoholism/drugs, a chance to live a full life harm-free from gambling.

By swimalot, Jan 31 2016 06:04PM

Thanks everyone for your support so far, this could well be a cheaper and more effective version of gambloc... I think its expensive... only prevents but doesn't stop access elsewhere. I'm promoting like mad at the minuite on facebook and looking into advertising on google. Online Gambling Self Exclusion is the only way forward for total protection from gambling websites.


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Self Exclusion barred gambling block gambling stop gambling online :)

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