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Welcome to my blog


Hi folks this Blog is about current developments with the website and the App which is available on Google Apps Market and also Apple Store :)


It is a preventative measure for those that want to give up gambling online due to addiction and gambling problems. We advocate getting barred and blocked from gambling websites to physically create a system to be barred for good.


I hope this helps generations to come, families, children, marriages rescued, homes not reposessed, reduced alcoholism/drugs, a chance to live a full life harm-free from gambling.

By swimalot, Apr 5 2016 11:39PM


Thanks for all the help with downloads, my ad campaigns are going strong, I want this to spread globally around the world for everyone to use, the online sites will be bombarded by constant medical requests for self exclusion and blocked and barred from gambling.

The timeline of everyone who uses it will change and future generations will not lose their inheritance, the corrupt websites will be forced out of our countries by politicians who are forced to block them from operating. Wouldn't that be great for the safety of our children and society, that the most vulnerable are protected and more money goes back into the local economy.

By swimalot, Jan 8 2016 12:19PM

Hi everybody, the App for addiction services is now in Development, it will be availble very soon once it has been verified by Apple.

It will be available on Andriod from Google App Market and also Apple Store.

I hope it comes in handy for those people that need help online. It may be the first ever site and app created for the purpose of helping those with gambling problems get barred and self excluded from gambling.

Along with preventative measures from Gambling, I also recommend Health Services and Professional Help to deal with the impulse to Gamble - I believe it is half the battle. An excellent resource is Gamblers Anonymous on Facebook.

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