Online Gambling Self Exclusion System and Physical Gambling Prevention Techniques...

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to Bar them all!!!

ADDICTION TEST - do you have a gambling problem?

1. Is gambling all you think about?


2. Does gambling serve as an escape mechanism?


3. Do you have problems stopping gambling?


4. Are you in dept to gambling?


5. Is gambling getting a grip on your life - do you think of nothing but your next bet?


6. Have you failed constantly to control the limit you want to spend?


7. Have you maxed out credit cards?


8. Are you ashamed because you are guilty of gambling and want to stop?


9. If you compared gambling to alcohol - would you be an alcoholic?


10. Do you want to bar yourself?


Then bar yourself in your town, bar yourself online... bar yourself from arcades, bar yourself from bingo halls.


Bar yourself until you STOP!




...Get yourself barred from gambling sites, take measures so you cannot access cash online, keep your wages safe in your local credit union, learn about this addiction and what it does to your brain on the app.

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Self Exclusion barred gambling block gambling stop gambling online :)

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